This is the ultimate question I am asked by sellers.  Since rules and laws are mandated differently in each state, many owners are not aware of the cost associated to sell their property in South Carolina.

Here is a simple breakdown of a SC Property Owner's Selling Costs:

Transfer (Tax/State) Stamps:  $3.70/$1,000 or $1.85/$500 of Sales Price
Pro-rated Taxes
Attorney Fees:  Varies upon attorney selection ($375-$700)
Pro-rated Utilities if Applicable
Misc (wire fees/overnight fees/payoff requests):  $30-$50

If your property is located with an Association and/or Membership Community:
Pro-rated Association Dues
Transfer Fees Imposed by Developer and/or Membership

If you are considering selling your property and would like to know what "you" may expect, feel free to contact us for an Estimated Seller's Net Sheet prepared for your specific property.